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How to wear your sword!

What is the proper way to wear the Navy & Coast Guard Officer Sword?
The Sword Knot consists of a loop of 1/2 inch gold lace, 20 inches long with slide and tassel.

How to wrap the Knot around the Sword Guard.

While holding the blade handle to the left,
pass the lace through the slit in the guard of
the hilt. When forming the initial bight of lace
the suspended lengths should be
somewhat disproportionate.
(One end should be 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch
longer than the other.)
After taking one turn of the remaining lace
and knot around the sword handle,
pass the sword knot through the
protruding initial bight and adjust
the lace slide, as illustrated.
Take two or more additional turns.
Upon completion, the knot should
hang free as illustrated.

How to Wear the Navy & Coast Guard Sword Belt.

Wear the sword belt under the coat.
The short belt strap and lock swivels are
passed through the coat opening
on the left side (as shown) and the
longer strap hangs free. Hold the
sword with the right hand and attach
the back swivels to the
scabbard rings as shown.
Twist the sword one half turn
in a clockwise direction
and suspend on the sword
hook with the uppermost scabbard
ring. The sword handle
faces aft when properly worn.
NOTE: When wearing an overcoat
with Full Dress Whites,
the sword goes through
the slit in the bridge coat
and the lower loop goes
through the back vent
in the coat and the sword attached
- same as Full Dress Blue.


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