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Kabar Displays
These prices do not include the Kabar.

Great looking on your desk. We won't tell anyone if you
only open the mail with it. - Walnut & Cherry KBS - $110.00-115.00
  This is our latest Father's Day Kabar display in Cherry wood.
 Walnut & Cherry KBS - $110.00- 115.00

Tell us what military emblem and type of wood.

 $20.00 shipping will be added

What would you like engraved?
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4



Beautifully crafted with either American Red Oak, American Black Walnut American Cherry and finished to a fine furniture grade appearance.

All mitered corners are reinforced with hard Maple splines and top is 1/8 glass. All brass hardware including
brass keyed lock. The Kabar rests on a crushed velvet pillow allowing the case to be displayed on a flat surface or on a wall.
Glass door is laser engraved with official military emblem. Top and sides are beautifully molded to enhance the appearance of the case.
Laser engraving and color of velvet pillow can be changed to accommodate the emblem, and colors,
of the Army, Navy, or Air Force. Cherry hardwood can be made for an nominal extra charge.

Personal laser (name, rank & serial #) engraving on glass door is available.
KPC - Kabar Case 15 long by 6 wide by 4 tall 
Walnut $145.00 - Cherry $150.00    

Tell us what military emblem and type of wood.
shipping will be added

What would you like engraved?
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4


What's a Kabar?

Shortly after the start of W.W.II, Kabar began working with the Marine Corps Quartermaster to design a fighting knife for the United States Marine Corps. Soon Kabar began production on the fighting / utility knife that would later make Kabar a widely recognized name.
When the war escalated the demand for the fighting / utility knives became so great that Kabar could not keep up. As a result, the government assigned several knife companies to create similar knives as supplemental pieces for those serving during the war. Still Kabar's wartime production totaled more than 1 million knives. The Kabar knives became so well recognized for their quality and so abundant, that Kabar became the name by which most referred to the fighting / utility knife.
Growing in popularity and earning well-deserved respect for it's service throughout the war, the USMC Kabar fighting / utility knife was adopted by not only the Marines, but also the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Underwater Demolition Teams (SEALS). The Kabar knife was depended upon to perform daily tasks like pounding stakes and digging foxholes, as well as defending allied lives. Kabar "The Knife", we now offer to the general public in it's original design and form - Kabar.

We can get you any Kabar you need $75.00



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