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American Historical Swords

Historical Civil War Sword Reproductions

  US Ceremonial Military Swords with Over 150 years of  Tradition 

Shipping is 20.00 on all swords.

Union Swords

Union Infantry Officer's Sword 
These fine reproduction sabers are faithful copies of the ones used during The Late Unpleasantness. Made with good attention to detail by a former British military contractor in India.
Hand forged blades are British military spec steel. This makes for tough blades that will flex over 20 and return to true.
Each leather handle is wire wrapped. The labor required to make a good sword is highly skilled, and since labor costs are much less there,
we are able to offer these swords at less than half the cost of Spanish versions of these swords!
(A) Union Foot Officers Swordwhen a Yankee infantry officer used his sword to rally his troops, this is what the boys in blue beheld.
 In fact, this is the sword most carried by Union infantry officers throughout the Civil War.
This commendable reproduction has a 30" long, well-tempered blade etched with a U.S., an eagle, and military trophies.
 The bright brass basket displays a floral design cast into the guard. Solid brass pommel. Steel scabbard has brass fittings.  39" overall. length.   

 A #1-8912  149.95

1860 Cavalry Off. Sword    
Similar to the 1860 Light Cavalry Saber. The brass 3-branch guard is nicely hand finished. The 33" long blade is beautifully smooth finished with a leather hilt with
a brass wire wrap great for re-enactments and a fine trophy piece.. The steel scabbard has a steel throat, rings and drag. 41" overall.length.

B #1-8820 - $ 149.95 

1850 Staff & Field Officer 
Befitting their rank, this sword displays a high degree of ornamentation. The brass guard has a chased foliage and U.S. between the branches. The 30" long blade
is etched with foliage, military trophies and U.S. and "E Pluribus Unum". This sword was carried by General Robert E. Lee during the Indian Campaigns.
Scabbard included. 35" long.

C #1-8910 - $149.95

Belts & Hangars

       Belt Hangar 15.95*                         Union Army Belt Buckle 59.95*               * Conf. Army Belt & Buckle 59.95*

Confederate Swords

Confederate Swords

E #1-8914 - $149.95 

Confederate Foot Officer's Sword
Though not as long as its Yankee counterpart,
the blade of this sword was hublot replica just as effective for thrusting and slashing.
Faithfully copied from a sword style made by James Conning is Mobile,
Alabama, the brass basket and pommel bears nicely hand chased
floral designs with "CS" featured prominently.
The 32" blade has an unstopped fuller. Blued steel scabbard has brass fittings.
This sword led many a bonnet charge.37"overall.


F #1-8812 - $149.95 

Confederate Cavalry Officers Saber
Confederate Cavalry Officers Saber
this saber is just like the old one carried by General Jo Shelby,
the Missouri cavalry raider who never surrendered his command.
This fine sword has C.S.A. crisply acid etched on the 32" long, hand forged blade.
 C.S. is cast into the guard with excellent detail.
The scabbard is blued steel, with brass throats, mounts, rings and drag. 38" long, overall.
Beautifully finished. Consult Albaugh: Confederate Edged Weapons, pg.122





G #1-8916 -   $149.95 

Confederate Cavalry Saber

Confederate Cavalry Saberof all the Confederate swords and sabers, this was the one used most. Wielded by the troops under the replica watches sale command of J.E.B.
Stuart, Wade Hampton and Nathan Bedford Forrest,
this sword dispatched hordes of Yankee soldiers.
This is a very distinctive saber with a brass guard similar to that of an 1860
(which, itself, was a copy of an earlier French saber).
 The 34" long blade has the classic Confederate unstopped fuller.
40" overall. The rolex replica uk scabbard has brass furniture, ring mounts and drag.
Youll find it in Albaugh's Confederate Edged Weapons, pg. 137.  










< Civil War Swords

H #1-8917 -   $169.95  >>>>>>>>>>

Prior to the Civil War Messrs. Sharp & Hamilton
operated a farming implement company under
the trade name of Nashville Plow Works. With
the war looming, the owners converted their business into an armory.
The Nashville Plow Works continued operations until April 1862,
when the city was attacked by Union troops. The sword has a cast brass guard,
with both CSA and Nashville Plow Works also cast in block letters on the
underside of the guard. The pommel and back strap are of one piece and
of brass. The scabbard is blackened steel with brass mounts.
39" over all 34" blade.